Glorious Cabo

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Why is getting away for the weekend just so rejuvenating? It feels really extravagant, even though its only a 2 and a half hour flight away, but something about leaving the country briefly feels exciting.  Even if or especially if you're not doing anything exciting. Although I find someone cooking 4 out of 6 meals for me pretty dang exciting.  Erotic almost.  Or maybe that's just the cleanup part that makes me weak in the knees.  

Silas and I used to really relish our one nighters in San Fransisco at the end of his business trips where we just had no other option but to pack it all in to a 24 hour window.  The shopping, walking the city, cocktail hour, culinary tours and nookie all had to fit in that window.  This is extremely exciting for me because I can't plan too much, I just have to go and fly by the seat of my pants which is challenging for a Type A planner. So weekends and one night getaways are my jam.  You're not away from the kids for so long that they hate you or you're stressed out or sad, you can usually find a sitter or a favor from friends and family, you come home feeling refreshed, excited...naughty almost.  

 Quite a greeting - fajita lunch accompanied by fresh salsas and guacamole.  The vegetables in Mexico are so vibrant they *sparkle*

 Hamachi tiradito with passion fruit leche de tigre, 

crispy calamari, yuzu alioli, cucumber, turnip, cherry tomatoat Sur Beach House at The Bahia

 Braids so you can skip a hair wash of course...

 Our house Chef Oscar's incredible presentation with a salad rolled in a paper thin cucumber slice, roasted and grilled local fish and veggies and sauces from scratch - heaven.


What trip isn't complete without a dancing fashion show, really.

 I mean the details...:)

 A morning sendoff of a beautifully served breakfast burrito, homemade pruple potato hash and a smear of super spicy harissa.

Have I convinced you? You don't need a personal chef.  Just an appetite for spontaneity, some friends or your hubs/wife/lover and very small carry on.  

Bon Voyage... 


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