Flea Market Fun - What I did

Monday, November 9, 2009

a gorgeous peasant dress - posing with hats & our fave vendor (ali regisford, style finders vintage apparel & accessories, #kk13) - a yummy fur - channeling Carol King - marching the market
*thanks to kate for documenting the day!:)*

Rose Bowl Flea Market Fun - What I bought

Vintage Ann Klein Lion Belt - Mom would be proud!
Princess Necklace to wear with plain tees and wife beaters.
A Dynasty-worthy teal romper for the holidays. Fancy.
As soon as I get a pic of Kate in her equally smashing fushia Studio 54 dress, its gettin' posted.

My Latest Obsessions

Thursday, November 5, 2009
The love affair with this bag has gone on for 3 years now. Isn't it time?

I have been obsessed since I saw these slick booties on fashion toast's Rumi Neely's feet in like every picture.

I love the super darkness of Taylor's classic Ray Bans. How come the RZP season was so short???

Does anyone want to buy me these boots? I was trying to think of what I could sell/return in my closet to make them mine.

Oh man. Big and chunky. So good.