10 simple swanks that make me feel fine.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010
1. cruising the house in slippers all the time.  

2.  my husband who lets my put my Lee press-on bangs on him on lazy sundays.  who is who?

 3. dutch babies.  why the odd name?  this one was as big as my head.

5. the smell of a brand new leather bag scored by your friend who's a brilliant designer. (thanks, Gretch!)

6. my dog when she lies exactly like this

7.  ice cold martinis when its just barely cocktail hour. sunset.  my honey.

8. my raging nephews.  Anders, rocking out with a tee-shirt do-rag handful of cajos.  Cullen working the bat look.
9. bangs.  why can't they look like this on me? (note - martini again)
10. my cranky kitty kaht.

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